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Manned by qualified professional nurses, pharmacist assistants, medical and dental advisors, Managed Healthcare provides the following services:
NMC offers specialised supportive bedside assistance for members in hospital through a daily visit by the Patient Care Co-ordinator. The Patient Care Co-ordinator also keeps in touch with the member’s family when necessary by providing information on the particular illness of the member. This service is part of NMC’s drive towards its members’ overall wellbeing.
NMC recognises the importance of HIV/AIDS positive members to be sufficiently covered for uninterrupted treatment and healthcare management. Provision of HIV/ AIDS benefits on ALL options has therefore been made and provide members with peace of mind that they will not run out of benefits during the year. The Namibianowned HIV/AIDS Disease Management Programme is administered by MyHealth Administrators. The programme is managed by qualified HIV/AIDS Case Managers, HIV Counsellors and a Medical Advisor who provides monitoring, support and total confidence to members who are HIV positive.
Members require pre-authorisation from the Fund before being admitted to hospital. The Managed Healthcare Department manages this function.
Chronic medication is repetitive or life-sustaining medication usually prescribed for longer than three ( 3) months for the treatment of chronic conditions listed in Annexure D of the comprehensive Fund rules.

The Fund offers emergency air and road ambulance evacuation services to NMC members. All authorised air ambulance flights and long-distance road ambulance transport services are covered.
The cover provides the best possible, most effective and efficient emergency evacuation services. All emergency services for lifesustaining conditions that require emergency transport are covered.
NMC is proud to continue making a difference in the lives of our members through the NMC Lifestyle Management Programme.
The Lifestyle Management Programme offers the following:

• Healthy Lifestyle Programme for Individuals
• Corporate Lifestyle Management Programme
• The Walking Club (provided by the Administrator, Methealth)
• Online Healthy Lifestyle Challenges from the comfort of your home (refer to for more information)
• Participation in social runs in conjunction with Windhoek City Runners.

*Please contact the Lifestyle Management Centre on 061 2876174 or for more information or to book a session.

BMI Calculator

Are you within a healthy weight range? Use the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to find out more.
Increase your life expectancy! The Wellness team assists NMC members who would like to successfully quit smoking. Smoking is not only a habit, but it is also an addiction to nicotine. We can also assist NMC employer groups to encourage their employees to quit the habit through presentations on the Quit the Smoke Programme.