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Options and Benefits

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Options Range

Every individual's health needs are unique. That is why we offer a diverse range of solutions to match your health requirements and financial preferences. Choose the perfect fit for you from our Traditional or New Generation options.

Compare Options

Which option is best for you? Compare our option range, and select one, which best suits, your needs.

Contribution Calculator

Please note the eldest person is the automatic main member. The calculations are estimates only; please get in touch with Client Services to get an accurate quote.

Additional Benefits

AHB Cover pays (from the first dollar) the excess of NAMAF tariff for General Practitioners and/or Specialists should a member/dependant be hospitalised. Hospitalisation can be traumatic, unexpected and expensive, and NMC believes that AHB will be of immeasurable financial value when our members need it most.


Unless prescribed for medical reasons. All preparations designed specifically to treat or stop the smoking habit (unless approved by the Lifestyle Management Department).

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