Topaz Plus

Affordable primary healthcare cover for those who need access to private medical care at a reasonable price. The option provides medical services to members through a network of private healthcare providers at reasonable monthly contributions.

Key Benefits

Hospital: Major Medical Expenses
Cover: in-hospital services payable to a maximum of 100% of Tariff

Overall Annual Benefit/Limit Cover Agreed fees with the Network Administrator (DHS)
Hospitalisation 100%
Blood Transfusion 100%
Radiology 100%
GP’s and Specialists In-hospital 100%

Day-to-Day Benefits

Benefit Cover
GeneralPractitioners Unlimited consultations
Acute Medicine & Injections Unlimited
Chronic Medicine & Injections Unlimited
In-Practice Procedures Unlimited
Pathology Specified tests
Radiology General radiology excluding MRI and CT scans
Dentistry Unlimited Pain and Sepsis, 2 x oral hygiene visits per Beneficiary, Unlimited according to defined protocols
Optical 6-month waiting period, complete test, specified frames and lenses every 2 years
Specialist Consultations 5 per Family per year (pre-approval required)
Ultrasound 2 per pregnancy and 2 per Member per year (pre-authorisation required)
Paramedical (Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists) 3 per Family per year (pre-approval required)


Main Member Adult Dependant Child
487 430 151
Main Member Adult Dependant Child
388 334 127