Manned by qualified professional nurses, pharmacist assistants, medical and dental advisors, Managed Healthcare provides the following services:
When you are hospitalised, our resident Patient Care Coordinator will stop by for a visit to offer emotional support or any other fund-related assistance you may require.
We offer a full year of continuous and uninterrupted HIV/AIDS treatment, which is critical for infected individuals to receive. HIV/AIDS patients are urged to register for the programme as soon as possible. Kindly contact one of our AIDS Outreach Programme Case Managers at (061) 375 950.
Members require pre-authorisation from the Fund before being admitted to hospital. The Managed Healthcare Department manages this function.
Chronic medication is repetitive or life-sustaining medicine, usually prescribed for a period of six months or longer. NMC covers medication costs for chronic ailments listed in the Fund’s List of Chronic Conditions up to a maximum limit.
NMC members have 24/7 access to emergency air and road ambulance evacuation services. Life-sustaining conditions that require emergency transport are covered. All authorised air ambulance flights and long distance road ambulance transport services within the SADC region are covered. Contact any of the emergency evacuation service providers for immediate assistance.

The NMC Wellness Programme is great for all members pursuing fit and healthy lifestyles. They are also extremely beneficial to those suffering from:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • High Cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Obesity

The Wellness Team will schedule an appointment for you with the biokineticist and dietician. An individual tailor made exercise and diet programme will be given to you after an evaluation. You will receive assistance throughout the programme to ensure that you stay motivated and reach your wellness targets. Members in the various Namibian regions are welcome to contact the Wellness Centre for assistance on how you can join the NMC Wellness Programme. Please note that the Wellness Programme is not applicable to Topaz & Topaz Plus members.
The Corporate Wellness Programme offers information, education and health screenings to the employees of companies who belong to NMC. Health screenings include blood samples taken for a full cholesterol test, fasting blood glucose test for diabetes, blood pressure reading and the body mass index. All tests are performed by qualified personnel.
Increase your life expectancy! The Wellness team assists NMC members who would like to successfully quit smoking. Smoking is not only a habit, but it is also an addiction to nicotine. We can also assist NMC employer groups to encourage their employees to quit the habit through presentations on the Quit the Smoke Programme.
Join the NMC Walking Club on Tuesdays (departure point: No. 14 Eros Road, Eros) and Thursdays (departure point: United Sports Club, Olympia) from 17h30 – 18h30. Members can enjoy a brisk and exhilarating walk with guidance by fitness professionals to ensure optimal workouts on various routes.
NMC members can join any gym around the country, which has an agreement with the Wellness Programme. NMC will refund your monthly membership fee subject to the following conditions:
  • Gym rebates are only applicable after a minimum of 12 sessions per month at 1 gym visit per day.
  • Only available for adult members of the Fund (husband, wife or partners recognised by the Fund).
  • Members pay their gym membership and then claim from the Fund

Please note, the gym rebate programme is not available for Topaz and Topaz Plus members.