Additional Benefits

NMC pays an additional amount over and above the tariff to doctors performing any procedure whilst the member is in hospital. NMC pays Tariff +125%.
NMC offers members International Medical Travel Insurance cover of N$10 million for emergency medical expenses. The International Medical Travel Insurance does not apply to any non-emergency and planned elective surgery or procedure.

This benefit is not applicable to Topaz and Topaz Plus members. Apply for your travel certificate before you embark on your trip. Please contact the Client Service team for more information.
The Benefit Booster is applicable to:

  • Medicine & Injections (Acute & Chronic)
  • Dentistry & Dental Implants (excluding orthodontics)
  • General Practitioners & Specialist Day-to-Day benefits
  • Primary Healthcare

Once limits of any of the above services are depleted, the Benefit Booster automatically kicks-in.

*The Benefit Booster is not applicable to Topaz and Topaz Plus members.
The Premium Waver provides premium cover to dependants for a period of three months in the event of the principal member passing away.